Recently, Binance – FTX war has been on the main agenda of the crypto money world. The tension that emerged after the Binance CEO made posts targeting the FTX CEO and announced that they would sell their FTXs also affected other cryptocurrencies.

While dozens of different comments were made by crypto money investors and experts on this subject, Gracy Chen, Global Managing Director of Bitget, one of the crypto money exchanges, added a new one to these comments.

Although CZ seems to have won a complete victory, Gracy Chen continued to comment on the subject, saying that it is unlikely that Binance will succeed in acquiring FTX and that it will pay the price to harm the long-term interests of the industry;

Gracy Chen talked about Binance – FTX and the markets!
β€œThe joint statement tells us a fact: FTX has serious liquidity problems and even bankruptcy, so serious that it can no longer find people who want to save it and can only turn to the opponent who started this war.

Why would BN spend money to get it?

FTX has no US license (so it doesn’t make sense to buy FTX to get US compatibility) Does it get its users or technology system? (hah. FTX is dead and its users are naturally BNs.) FTX has no irreplaceable value like twitter.

SBF and CZ may have their own opinions during the term of this non-binding agreement. Sam takes a breath and continues to seek help from Wall St. It’s a weird situation. However, if Sam does this, CZ will still be able to destroy FTX. CZ can also cancel the deal.

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